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February 2020 Edition

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February is the month for hearts ❤

Heart disease is the #1 cause of death in the U.S.A. and nearly half of the adults today have some form of cardiovascular disease. Educating our youth about healthy living and protecting their heart will only help to decrease this statistic. Beginning February 3 through February 20, our students will have an opportunity to fund-raise for KIDS HEART CHALLENGE and win some TOTALLY COOL PRIZES featuring the HEART HEROES! Simply go to and search "George Washington" for our school. Once you locate the school, have your student join! Just for doing that, they will earn a free bracelet!! Be sure to check out the student and parent tabs on the website for activities and tips on how you can be heart healthy.

There is also a KIDS HEART CHALLENGE app that can be downloaded for free on your smartphone, or your child's smartphone. This is a great video to watch about the app. Your student will bring home information on February 3, 2020 about the program.

Our school has set a goal of $3,000 to raise for this challenge. As an extra incentive, each student that raises $75.00 or more will SILLY STRING the Principal!!

Thank you for helping us to support this cause and please reach out with any questions. There is a fun "Homework with Heart" download after this message.

Wishing you a heart healthy month,

Mrs. Heather Davis

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Due to the shortened day on February 13 and to make sure our building is ready for Parent/Teacher Conferences, the Valentine's Day parties will be kept simple this year. We will have a Valentine exchange for the students in their classroom and the teacher will have a few snacks. We sincerely thank all of the parents that have helped make our holiday parties fun for our students this year.
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From Mr. Coovert...

Students have been learning how to set S.M.A.R.T. goals this past month. Many students have come back to tell me how they have reached their goal or if they have had to change the goal. Setting goals is important in school and at home. Please work with your child on setting a goal, seeing that goal through, and celebrate when the goal is achieved. Perhaps you can set a goal with your child and celebrate together on a job well done!

Toward the end of the month, we will be having STRESS FREE afternoons where students will learn how to handle stress. Some of the activities will include yoga, stretching, laughter, meditation, mindfulness, exercise, and coloring/drawing. The main objective is to give students tools to use when they are feeling more stressed or overwhelmed. Please ask your student to share what their favorite activity was so you can help them to overcome stress when it occurs.

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STELLA BY STARLIGHT is a compelling, relatable story inspired by the author's memories of her own grandmother's childhood tales. It deftly brings home the perilous realities defining African-American life in the rural, segregated South, from the Ku Klux Klan burning down the house of an African-American family whose father had just registered to vote to the thousand daily slights and insults. But, against that ominous backdrop, Stella's family and neighbors stand strong, held together by faith, hope, charity, and a lot of courage. Most modern-day kids will be startled by details Stella takes for granted, not only that she and the other African-American kids can't go to the white school (which, of course, has much better facilities) but that they all go to school barefoot because they don't own shoes.

Stella by Starlight (the same title as the jazz standard, written in 1944) is an appealing, thought-provoking read for kids and adults -- and a standout for introducing kids to a difficult chapter in U.S. history with compelling courage and relatable characters rather than graphic violence. Expect interesting conversations.

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February 21-28 is our PENNIES FOR PATIENTS campaign

Bring in loose change to help make a change and beat cancer! If our school raises $750.00, we'll have an ALL school pizza party! Help fill the bucket for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society!
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February 4 PTO Meeting in the Music Room

February 5 PBIS Assembly (parents will be notified)

February 7 PBIS Lunch with Keokuk Mayor, Mr. Richardson

February 10 NO SCHOOL - Inservice day for teachers

February 12 Dental Checkups (parents will be notified)

February 13 Hearing Screening (parents will be notified)

February 13 Early Out at 11:05 for P/T Conferences

February 14 NO SCHOOL

February 17 NO SCHOOL

February 19 STEM day at the Capitol (parents will be notified)

February 20 HEART CHALLENGE ends - turn in donations

February 21 PENNIES FOR PATIENTS begins

February 25 Stress Free Afternoon - 4th grade

February 26 Stress Free Afternoon - 5th grade

February 27 Spring Picture Day


George Washington Elementary

Heather S. Davis, Principal

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