The Lost Hero: Theme

Hun Liang

Trust need to be earned, it doesn't come easily. Trust action, Don't trust words.

Almost everyone knows that Hera is famous for her jealousness of her husband's other lovers and their children. So obviously, Jason (Son of Zeus) should never have trusted Hera, the quest could've been a trap for jason throughout the story.

First Example of this Theme

Throughout the entire book, Leo have been a big part of the team. Without his super ability from his father Hephaestus, the team couldn't travel all the way to the Wolf House. One example of this theme from the book is when Leo disarmed all the traps at Midas's house in order for the team to question him. " First it was the motion-activated trapdoor on the sidewalks, then the lasers on the steps, then the nerve gas dispenser on the porch railing, the pressure sensitive poison spikes in the welcome mat, and of course the exploding doorbell... Leo deactivated them" (Riordan 340) This showed that Leo is capable of fix or modify any machine, but this also made him think that why couldn't he fix Festus. Another way that shows he is trustworthy is when Festus fell, the team might lost trust in him, but he regain his trust by helping the team afterward.

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Second Example of this Theme

Festus plays a big role in the first half of the story, Festus was later found in a trap by the forest by Leo. Festus did not have a wing, so Leo managed to add wings on its body. The dragon helped Leo, Jason and Piper by letting them to travel on his back to Quebec, Detroit, Chicago and finally Ohama. "You can't burn me," Leo said, trying to sound stern and calm. He'd never had a dog before, but he talked to the dragon the way he thought you'd talk to a dog." (Riordan 149) This shows that Leo trying to earn trust from Festus, the only reason he is doing that because every single demigod in Camp Half-Blood thinks the dragon became evil after all and they we are planning on destroy the bronze dragon.

Last Example of this Theme

"His instincts told him he was meant to share this place-- at least with the Hephaestus cabin-- and he couldn't hide it from Chiron or his two best friends." (Riordan 534) Unfinished