Sochi Winter Olympics goes Digital

What are the Olympics and what makes them IMPORTANT?

Craft Element: Video

Olympics - Most Amazing Moments - HD

Writing Unit: Research a sport in the Winter Olympics and write a research paper

Students were given the opportunity to familiarize themselves with the sports included in the Sochi Games using the class Weebly. After doing some digging, students then picked a sport that they wanted to learn more about!
Class Weebly
(Craft Element: Text)

Students were able to listen to the information that they found using Natural Reader
(Craft Element: Speech/Narration)

Being creative involves doing something...(Robinson 2011, 142)

Crafting Presentations for Audience and Purpose

Craft Element: Writing

The majority of students typed their final research paper on the netbook, using keyboarding skills to accomplish this task. The research paper met fourth grade common core standards by incorporating an introduction, detail paragraphs, and conclusion.

Craft Element: Speech/Narration

Some students used Dragon Dictation to transfer their notes to written form. This allowed them to focus on their thoughts instead of typing or writing sentences.

Craft Element: Other Media

Some students used Printing Press to write and display their research paper.

Craft Element: Photos/Video/Other Media

When completed with their research paper, students then transferred their information to craft a Web Text. They each created their own S'more.

"We believe that to be literate in the 21st century, students must become composers and readers of hypermedia. They must undertand its possibilities, uses, and design...(Wilhelm, Friedemann, and Erickson 1998, 20)

"Decisions an author makes about how a page looks can be as important as the text the document contains" (Hicks, 2013)

Students decide the following: (pg 22)
-CRAP principals (Contrast, Repetition, Alignment, Proximity)
-Topography (serif and sans serif fonts; font size and orientation)
-Slide Design and Layout (lines, color, space, data, images)