George Frideric Handel

By: Lincoln Gammage


NAME: George Handel


BIRTH DATE: February 23, 1685

DEATH DATE: April 14, 1759

EDUCATION: University of Halle

PLACE OF BIRTH: Halle, Germany

PLACE OF DEATH: London, United Kingdom

George Frideric Handel's - Water Music

George Frideric Handel - Ombra Mai Fu (HD/HQ Audio)

George Frideric Handel - Water Music - Orchestre Paul Kuentz

General Life Info

Baroque composer George Handel was born February 23, 1685, in Halle, Germany. In 1704 Handel made his debut as an opera composer with Almira. He produced several operas with the Royal Academy of Music before forming the New Royal Academy of Music in 1727. When Italian operas fell out of fashion, he started composing oratorios, including Messiah. George Handel died April 14, 1759, in London, England.