Dolores Lombardo

A 21st Century Librarian

Why do I want to be at MVHS library?

  • taught at MVES
  • student taught at MVHS
  • Minisink mom
  • invested in the community and schools

Common Core Learning Standards and Library Media Skills

  • "to research to build and present knowledge"
  • inquiry based skills
  • critical thinking skills
  • to use and evaluate both print and digital resources
  • to use technology to produce and publish writing
  • to use technology to collaborate and share ideas and information
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Collaboration With The School Community, Teachers and Students

  • library is an extension of the classroom
  • materials to remediate curriculum
  • materials to extend and enrich curriculum
  • students engage with technology and digital tools to aid and enrich curriculum
  • staff development opportunities based on needs and interests
  • place where both students and teachers can keep up with the technological advances and "information explosion"