New Jersey Mafia Families

Why mafia book is good source to know about mafia in New York?

If you are a book lover then mafia, mob or gangsters seem interesting topics and you can prefer to mafia books to read interesting story of mafia. When we talk about mafia or underworld then it is all about the crimes which American mafia organization had attempted in 20th century. There were number of popular bosses of mafia who ran this organization and make it popular throughout the world. If you want to learn the true story of mafia then this is time to shop new mafia book written by Louis P Divitia, the grandson of Paul Palmier, a popular criminal boss of mafia.

The book will describe about the New Jersey Mafia families who had impactful role in the American Mafia. There are number of interesting criminal stories of leading mafia bosses like Joe Adonis, Willie Moretti, Frank Costello, Lucy Luciano and many more which you will read through this newly launched mafia book. It is the ultimate source that describes the true mafia story and give you chance to experience a new world and its illegal activities. Frank Costello was most powerful boss of mafia and he was popular as “the Prime Minister” of Underworld.

Castellammarese war was really popular in the history of mafia in New York and it raged between the Masseria and Maranzano factios for almost two years. After the death of Masseria and Maranzano, Lucy Luciano became the boss of Luciano Crime Family and after his conviction to prison, Frank Costello became the de facto boss of Crime family. All the leaders of mafia were totally involved in criminal activities like: murder, robbery, theft, extortion and many more. If you want to know more about the New York Mafia then A Wiser Guy is the ultimate source will definitely suit you.