Fun With Firsties

October 17, 2016

Curriculum Highlights

Language Arts- In Unit 4 we will be working with the ER and ED patterned words. We will also send a new list of memory words home-be on the lookout for those! We will read the story In A Pickle. As part of our reading, we will focus on comparing and contrasting stories we have read.

Math-This week we will begin Topic 3 in our math curriculum. Throughout this unit we will continue to explore strategies as we master our addition facts to 20. This week we will focus on strategies including counting on to add, counting on to add using a number line, and using doubles to add.

Social Studies-THis week, as Halloween approaches, we will spend time exploring the many traditions associated with this celebration!

Faith In First

This week First Graders explored the many different people in their lives who help them. As Christians our journey in life depends so much on the grace and friendship of those around us. The gospel is continually pulling us into a relationship with others.

This Sunday's gospel tells of the woman who kept asking for help. She would not give up! We must reach out and make time with family and friends to laugh, cry and love. Never give up on prayer and asking God to bless your life and those you love.

MJS All American Donut Election

As we all know, November 8th marks our next American presidential election. We are going to celebrate this important milestone by having our own election. MJS students will vote to decide what is "The All American Donut.” We are using this analogy to teach the election process through school families and morning prayer. The students will see the good Ol’ American democracy in action as we vote on election day!

Harvest Festival Raffle Tickets

Raffle tickets are here and better than ever! Two packets will be coming home for each family to sell. Please return any money and filled out stubs to the raffle ticket folder provided in each classroom or advisory. If you would like any extra tickets, let your 8th grader or homeroom teacher know. Please make sure to return any unsold tickets to the same folder.

Upcoming Dates

October 20 and 21-Parent Conferences, No School for students

October 28-Harvest Festival, noon dismissal


Monday-Fall Writing

Tuesday-Online Math

Games that support addition and subtraction fact practice are: Flying Cow Incident, Jungle Quest, Launch That Sheep, and Fancy Flea. Have fun!

Wednesday-No homework

Thursday-No homework

Unit 4 Spelling Words

Students will be introduced to the following memory words(sight words) and spelling words this week in our Superkids lessons. At the end of Unit 4, they should know how to read and spell all 6 memory words. They should also be able to spell words based on the spelling patterns.

Memory Words







Spelling Patterns







Sounds like d




Sounds like t