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In December 2012, the BP Deepwater Horizon oil spill settlement was given final approval. BP has reserved $8 billion to pay for economic damages to the Gulf Coast region. Businesses don't have to be on the coast to qualify.

Businesses located in all counties in Alabama, Louisiana, and Mississippi are eligible to participate in the settlement. Select counties in Florida and Texas are also eligible.

If you know business owners, leaders of non-profits, or individuals located in the economic loss zone (shown on map), let us know because they may qualify for payment. They don't have to prove direct harm. They don't need a lawyer to file a claim - the lawsuit is settled. BP has agreed to make payments based on location and a financial formula.

ClaimsComp, Inc. simply acts as the 'middle man' between those affected and the court administrators. If you can provide ClaimsComp with names and contact information of people in the affected areas, you can receive a referral fee. The average referral fee is over $1000.

Think of everyone you or your family might know who owns, manages, or works for any business entity in the Gulf Coast states- from restaurants to churches to shoe stores.

Deepwater Horizon Oil Claims

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