Farming in the 1930s

By Brandon Ly

Farming in earlier years

Farming in earlier times was not as easy as today, Back then farming was not as high tech as today here in the 21st century. The equipment was not as big and the Machinery was not as powerful, but back then what the farmers had got the job done and made them money to feed there families and other people in the community. The Great Depression was the new Era of everything, Bringing in new tools and technology, more jobs and newer everything to change the world, Farming back then was not easy the weather was not very helpful the dirt was not the best and the type of bugs that destroyed the plants. Living on the Plains were harsh because the Winters were very cold and the Summers were very hot.

The weather was a factor of its own it was either a nice calm day or it was windy and very dusty. Life back in the 1930s was harsh If you were not rich and could get what ever you wanted you were probably poor and had a hard time trying to survive back then. There was a lack of water as well there was water but not very much of it, Even if you lived by a small stream of of bed of water you had to worry about the small source of it and the things that could be in it and what type of diseases that it could have in it, Boiling the water was the only way that they could do in order to make the water usable.

The rain was very scarce it did not rain very often and when it did it was days to even weeks apart. Many farming families that could not afford anything packed up some of there things and went west in search for better jobs and better lifestyles, They left there own homesteads and took only small things in search for better jobs, money, and home styles.

The Dust Bowl and the effect on Farmers

During the 1930s there was a storm that made everything turn into a big mess of dirt and dust, This was called the Dust Bowl it was a storm that was blew sand in all over from the plains and made everything that some poor people have a even harder life, Farming really took a hit with all of the problems that they to now face because of the reasons of how much dust and sand that the plants were destroyed in because they would not grow. And the farmers tractors and equipment would not work well with these situations. As these problems continued on farmers that had money went got even better Machines and they kept of trying to farm the land, As it did not work they still tried anything to get the crops in the ground and make money in order to survive and have money to support there families. Now today Farming is way more advanced and it is easy,Tractors are almost able to drive them selves there are Monitors that tell you about, The seed, Dry or Wet conditions, What you are running at for speed and what the RPMs are running. Back then there was nothing and it was harder to farm unless you had good areas of land and good weather and plenty of money to keep you going because it is really expensive to manage a farm and with out it you can't do anything.
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