MN is the best state come on down.

Sickness is gone

There's no sickness in the state of Minnesota it freezes the grems. This place is very healthy you can't get sick here it is the best. I love it here you should come down. it fell's great living in a place were you fell home or this could be your home.


land and people

Did you know that the population grow from 6,000 to 150,000 in only 6 year. lot's of people came from New England and they love there land so Minnesota look's like New England too. There were lot of teacher's coming in so your child can learn. Harriet Bishop was a great school teacher she loved her kids and loved her school / black smith. Women just have the most amazing time here it's like men and women are the same.

rich and poor

Only one state has rich giving to poor and that is Minnesota. We all know Minnesota is know for it's good deed's and everyone loves each other. Everyone in Minnesota loves it here. Plus Minnesota is the best in the country.