Water Pollution

How we can do our part!

What is Water Pollution?

Water Pollution is the contimanation of water bodies often created by human activites. Water covers 70% of our Earth. It is a very important resource for people and the environment.

What's The Problem?

One of our main recources is the Trinity River. It has become so polluted with toxins the Texas Department of State Health Services has declared all species of fish in it a "hazard to human health." Water with such high levels of E. Coli can cause sickness just from swimming in it; including vomiting.

How does Water Pollution happen?

A river becomes polluted when foreign substances get into the water and make the water undrinkable and is dangerous for organisms and can also be caused by acid rain. The causes of Water Pollution very may be both natural and anthropogenic however the most common causes of Water Pollution are the ones including: Agriculture runoff, storm water runoff, leaking sewer, and spills.

What are the Major Consequenses?

Severe consequences could be that there will not be any drinking water left if it is all contaminated. Organisms and people can be harmed because of drinking the unclean water. Also we wouldnt have any clean water to swim in and have fun in!

How Do We Fix Water Pollution?

Never pour any oil or any chemiclas into drains and bodies of water. Try picking up any trash you see on the ground because it can always come up in your rivers and lakes that you like to swim in.

What We Want You To Do!!

Try to prevent Water Pollution. Never dump anything into the water and the ground. If you ever see water polluted never play in it. If you want to do something about it you can tell an adult and follow their instructions.

You can help!

This is all because of us!!

Created By: Tatiana R. Caleb F. Shealah R. and Kory R.