PRV Academy Notes

October 2, 2020

Principal's Update

Happy October!!

When I was a teacher, changing the calendar from September to October was a memorable event. School had been in session for over a month, I was really getting to know my students, and a routine was well underway. True education could begin. I feel like this echoes how we are feeling now. While we still have some technology glitches, we now understand the best way to tackle them. The children are used to the routines and switching classes online is second-nature. We are starting to really see how much we can engage students and teach them in a way that mimics what occurs in the brick and mortar setting.

Each week we progress, we show continuous improvement. Without parent and student feedback, we would not be able to do this. I encourage each of you to send me feedback on how things are going. I enjoy having these conversations with you and finding ways to make PRV Academy even more successful.

While this newsletter is brief, please read it fully because there is important information in it (and a way for you to win a prize for your child!)

Enjoy your weekend!

Paula Giran

PRV Academy Principal

Materials Pick-Up Days

It is that time again... We want to refresh the books/materials that the students have at home. All materials should be picked up according to the following schedule. Please note: All pickups will occur at Pupil Services which is attached to Richland Elementary School (looking at the font of Richland, Pupil Services is located on the far right - it has it's own parking lot and door). The address is 3811 Bakerstown Road. If you are unable to make it during your pickup time, please email me to make alternate arrangements. We can't wait to see you!

AM Kindergarten:

October 6 - 10:00-12:00

PM Kindergarten:

October 6 - 1:00-3:00

1st Grade:

October 8 - 1:15-3:15

2nd Grade:

October 7 - 1:15-3:15

3rd Grade:

October 21 - 1:00-3:00

Cognitive Abilities Testing

The Cognitives Abilities Test (CogATs) will be administered during the week of October 12 to all 2nd and 5th grade students. As mentioned in a district email that was sent out yesterday, The CogAT Screener provides a snapshot of your child’s abilities and consists of the analogies portion of each battery: Verbal/Picture Analogies, Number Analogies, and Figure Matrices. Your child's teacher will be communicating the day when this test will be given.

School Pictures

If you are interested in having your child's school picture taken, please see the schedule below. If you are unable to attend during these times, makeups will be scheduled at a future date.

RES - October 14 - 4:15-6:00 (gym)

WES - October 21 and 22 - 8:00-9:00 or 2:00-3:00 (cafeteria)

HES - October 27 and 28 - 7:30-9:00 and 4:30-6:00 (cafeteria)

EHUE - October 27 and 28 - 3:45-6:00 (LGA)

If you are not interested in getting a school picture, but would like your child to be in the yearbook, you will be able to submit a headshot to the PTO. We will have more details regarding this process later in the year.

Each school's Friday Flash will have more information pertaining to the logistics of entering each building.

Workspace Decorating Contest

Calling all creative students! We have a challenge for you! Send us a picture of your workspace and show us how you have it decorated. The theme for this contest is fall/Harvest/Halloween. Send your picture to Mrs. Giran by Friday, October 9. Teachers will vote on the most creative setup and the winners will be announced on October 16.

Remember: be creative and have fun, but it should still be an appropriate workspace for school that limits distractions for you and others. Feel free to have your family help!

6th-grade Meet-Up

Weather permitting, Wednesdays anytime between 11:45-12:45, Pine Park, the Pearce Mill Road playground, come for as little or as long as you want. Bring your lunch and run around outside with kids doing all virtual in 6th grade. Parents must stay with their students.

If any other grade level is interested in starting something like this, please let me know and I would be happy to post specifics in our weekly newsletter.

Mrs. Giran's daily announcements!

Click here to watch our daily announcements! Be sure to check out Friday's announcements - two of our 6th grade students are featured!

We STILL need your jokes and thanks!

Many of you have sent in your favorite kid jokes and those will be shared on upcoming announcements during our Funny Fridays - Keep those coming!

We are still in need of Thankful Videos. This is a great time to record your child stating who they are thankful for (maybe a peer or teacher) or parents can do the same. The video should be no longer than 30 seconds. Feel free to email these to me at

Virtual Hallways for 4-6 students

This has been going great! Each day we get more and more students joining. We have answered Would You Rather questions, completed MadLibs together, and played Hangman (the students beat me!). It is so nice to see the students chat with each other and it gives me time to continue building our connections. I love hearing about new pets, vacations, bike rides, and anything else the students share.

As a reminder, here are the details to join:

From 8:10-8:20 each morning, students will be able to enter our virtual meet by going to Google Meet and entering the room nickname "hallway" to enter. Upon arrival, I will be able to greet them, allow for some social interaction, and play a few quick games. The students will then be able to leave at 8:20 to report to their homerooms.

Week at a Glance

Monday - Crazy Sock Day

Tuesday - Hat Day

Wednesday - PJ Day

Thursday - Mismatch Day

Friday - PR Spirit Day

Attendance Updates

K-3 - students need to be logged in by 9:35

EHUE - students need to be logged in by 8:30

If students are not logged in by the times above they are marked "absent."

If a student comes in late, it will be the parent's responsibility to email the homeroom teacher and the home school secretary so their absence can be changed from an "absent" to "tardy."

If you are ever having technical difficulties, please let the teacher know.

If your child is able to login after the above times, but is late due to technical issues, please email the home school secretary once the child is logged in.


Just a reminder...if your child is absent, tardy, or has an early dismissal, you will need to submit an excuse through the Community Web Portal or email it to the teacher and home building secretary.

For tardies: If your child has an appointment or comes in late, please remember to email the building secretary so the absence can be adjusted to a tardy.

Tech Department Help # - 724-443-1503

Twitter Photos

Be sure to tag me on Twitter with any of your school pictures @MrsGiranEHUE and use #PRvirtual. If you have read this far, send me an email with your child's name to be entered into a drawing.