Community 27/33

Weekly Update - Week of May 16-20

How is it already the middle of May?!

The month of May is already half gone and with it has come the first two rounds of testing and a field trip to the Museum of Science! We had a fun and busy day at the Museum of Science reviewing for the Science MCAS! You can see some of our pictures below. The students have been working so hard on the PARCC and MCAS tests and should be proud of the perseverance they have shown so far! We have three more days of ELA PARCC testing to complete and then we are done with PARCC for the year! Tomorrow we will travel to Minuteman National Park to learn about the beginning of the Revolutionary War!

Our Trip to the Museum of Science, Boston

Minuteman National Park Reminders

Tomorrow 5/16 is our trip to Minuteman National Park.

Don't forget to:

  • Dress in layers! It's going to be a windy day tomorrow and we will be outside for most of the day.
  • Bring your lunch and water- this time you can bring it in a lunchbox or bag!
  • Leave the cellphone and cameras behind- the adults can take pictures for you!

A Long Walk to Water

Last Friday, former Community 27 member, Summer Pierson came to our students to present on the difficulty of getting water to homes in Madagascar. Summer held a short presentation with our students and then brought them outside to experience what it might feel like for women and children to carry water long distances, as they do in Madagascar, just to have water in their homes. Please ask your children about this experience as they had a lot to say in our debrief.

Parent-Teacher-Student Conferences

Now that we are at the end of parent-teacher-student conferences, we would like to thank everyone for taking the time to meet with us. Ms. Goodwin and I enjoy the time that we get to reflect on the hard work that the students have done during the year and to share that with parents. We enjoyed meeting with you all!

Upcoming Testing Days

The following are the testing dates and subjects that are upcoming. Please make sure that your children are coming to school on time these days as once testing begins, students cannot join their classrooms late.


Tuesday 5/17- ELA PARCC- Day #1

Wednesday 5/18- ELA PARCC- Day #2

Friday 5/20- ELA PARCC- Day #3

Upcoming Field Trips!

Monday 5/16 - Minuteman National Historic Park, Concord

Thursday/Friday 5/26 & 5/27 - Art Quest - in school program

Thursday 6/2 - Museum of Fine Arts, Boston

Friday 6/3 - Visit from the Leventhal Map Center, BPL on Revolutionary War maps- in school program

Community 33

Please feel free to reach out to Miss Brennan with any questions, comments, and concerns you have. She would love to hear from you!