Eagle Sightings May

Caspar van Haalen, Principal

Dear Eagle Families,

With less than 7 weeks of school left in a school year that is still very unusual, I hope this ninth monthly newsletter finds everyone safe and in good health.

The first week of May marks Teacher Appreciation Week. Parents’ Day is July 25. I suggest we combine the two and make this week Teacher and Parents Appreciation Week. Effective schools cannot exist without parent involvement, engagement, and support. Add to that the many daunting tasks that have come and keep coming your way during our teleschool and hybrid school period, and life can feel like being inside a pressure cooker.

There is no “just” being a parent. And there is no “just teach your child at home” presumption. Rather, parenting and overseeing your child’s education for full or half days at home are orders so tall that it is of the utmost importance for you to be able to depend on support systems. These systems include ways in which our school staff show empathy, respect, grace, and understanding for what you go through on a daily basis, with the responsibility of educating your child. We know that you also need physical support systems at home, and we do and will do what we can to provide that support ourselves or help you find it elsewhere in our wonderful island community.

It is our hope that the last weeks of school will bring a continued sense of belonging and happiness to your children’s lives. We are born with an innate sense of curiosity. One of our school’s primary responsibilities is to help that curiosity come alive and make our precious students’ eyes sparkle with excitement for even more exciting learning experiences to engage in.

Our school district is planning on everyone returning in September for all day every day in-person learning. We will follow all the health mandates and guidelines as we put the plans together. The state Office of the Superintendent of Public Instruction (OSPI) has mandated every school district provide that plan. It is called the Academic and Student Well-Being Recovery Plan, which will be presented to the school board at the end of May.

As always, please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns you may have about … anything! My door is always open for you. If you can’t stop by in person, I’m only a phone call or email away.

Wishing you all the best, in educational partnership,

Caspar van Haalen


Is your family planning on a move? Please let us know.

As elementary staff get ready for next school year it is extremely helpful if you tell the office of plans to switch schools or move out of the area.

Zoom with Mr. van Haalen

Thursday May 13th 12:00 - 1:00p

Thursday May 20th 5:00 - 6:00p

Use this link to join one or both sessions!

SOAR Awards!

Has your child talked to you about SOAR awards? Elementary staff are spotting students learning to SOAR! Each Friday the earned awards are collected from classroom jars and two students names are drawn from each the AM and PM cohorts. The drawings will continue through the end of the year.

These eagles have already won a prize:

Ngozy, Pearl, Sophia, Dustin, Lena, Owen, Kaylee, and Aspen!

🦅 Safe

🦅 On Task

🦅 Accountable

🦅 Respectful


If your child has to miss a day of class please remember to excuse the absence by emailing jillpeacock@sjisd.org or calling 360-370-7302.

Thank you!

------ Early Dismissal Days ------ ►May 7th cohort B ↔ PM attends◄ ►May 28th cohort A ↔ AM attends◄

Fast ForWord Wall of Fame

Have you heard about the Title 1 Team's contest for all K-5 students? Click here to learn more.

Congratulations to the winning participants!

Hazel, Francisco, Ava, Keegan

We have FHES, youth sized, raglan t-shirts for sale ($15) in the office!

Families, please be sure your child knows their going home plan before they go to school.


We would appreciate your Free & Reduced price applications; the benefits are many for both families and schools, thank you!

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