Benin Kingdom

By Miguel Estrada and Edis Joya

European Influence

The first European's to reach Benin were Portuguese explorers in 1485 A.D.Since the Portuguese explorers couldn't take over Benin they established a strong trading relationship with the Portuguese of tropical products for vanilla and guns. Benin survived mobs of British soldiers. British ruled over Benin in the February 17, 1897. The Benin kingdom was burned to the ground after a bloody fight. The Olas palace was looted of their resources. Since the kings son was still alive he rebuilt the palace in the early 20th century. Since the Benin people were so talented they are still famous for their bronze castings.

Location & Origin

The Benin empire was located in present day Nigeria, and it was believed to have started in 900 A.D.


Why is the Benin culture known for their art?

The Benin culture was famous for their art because it is exotic.