By: Kaitlyn


Matter is something that has created mostly everything in the world like our tablets, computers, oven's and etc. Matter has created tools for living people and creatures like god but god created us.


The 3 states of matter are liquid, solids and gas. There is a fourth state of matter it is called plasma but plasma is not gas.
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You measure matter using mass, distance, time, speed, velocity, acceleration, force, work and energy.


Only solids can't move liquid and gas can. Liquid will move when you shake it like milk. Gas will slowly move itself in a car.


The 3 states of matter is liquid, solids and gas. Liquid made water. Solids made computers and etc. Finally, gas is made car gas flames and etc.
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the physical and chemicals:

- physical water of matter turns into ice

- chemicals of matter turns hydrogen dioxide into waterPhysical matter can change back because it is made out of water but frozen, so if you melt the frozen water it then becomes normal water. Chemical matter is made out of chemicals and they are tiny little of pieces of things it can’t be reversible because you can’t reverse liquid into chemicals.