Mr. McCoy's Summer Weekly Log

Friday, June 19, 2015

Big Game Hunt

Big game was our quarry, this week, as we continued our perilous trek across Africa—and as we continued our work on the African Safari research project, featuring computer-generated presentations. We discussed correct bibliographic format in conjunction with the research of African countries. Students also worked to write longer, more coherent sentences, using conjunctions--as well as punctuating sentences correctly. Students also worked on their video productions about Ancient Africa and brought “The Road to Bussa,” a play, to glorious life. Our math focus was on adding related fractions, subtracting related fractions, comparing fraction products, repeated subtraction with fractions, and fractions and division. We played thrilling games of "Fraction Capture," "Fraction Fairway," "Hole in One," "Putt-Putt Golf," “Yote,” “Senet," "Mystery Doors,” “Three Wishes,” and “Which Way Will You Choose?” And Abbott and Costello continued to battle the Mummy! So…pack up your gear, load up your camel, and keep reading: More about this week’s “Big Game Hunt” can be found on the trail below!

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African Folk Tales

Here are the links to this week's African Folk Tales:






African Beginnings

We have continued to explore African Beginnings, Part 3. Here is the Educreations presentation for this segment of the book:

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History of Africa Website

This week, we have delved further into learning about the people who lived and worked near the Nile River. Here is a website containing additional information about this topic:

A Fantasic Trip to Ancient Egypt--and the Nile River

In conjunction with our study of the people of the Nile, here is an informative video:

Academic Success

One of the most important factors in achieving academic success is to recognize that people all have their own learning style. Be aware of what way your child learns best. Approach a subject from lots of different angles—games, activities, books, flashcards, computer software, etc. Working with a TV or radio playing is not a good idea. Neither is working with friends, because too much time is wasted chatting. The best thing to do is to get right down to work!

Planning Ahead

In preparation for your child’s upcoming fifth grade year, it’s not too early to ensure that your child has a special place set aside to study, do homework, read , or just to think, will really help your child enjoy getting down to work. It needs to be a place free of distractions.Here’s a checklist for the “perfect homework place.” Check off each one if you decide to include it in your work area:

___ a good writing surface

___ a comfortable chair/lighting

___ pencils and a pencil sharpener

___ a ruler

___ shelves for books

___ a clock

___ a storage area of supplies

___ a dictionary/thesaurus

___ a set of encyclopedias

___ an atlas

___ plenty of paper

___ an atlas

___ plenty of paper

Another Motivational Tip

Point out the new things you learn with enthusiasm. Discuss the different ways you find new information, whether you’re looking for gardening tips on the Internet or taking a class in American literature. Let your child see you in action: Choose an activity that unfamiliar to you both, such as playing tennis or speaking Spanish, and schedule a lesson or pick up a couple of instructional tapes. “Parents are the single most important modeling agent in a child’s life, and if you demonstrate that learning is a life time adventure,” your kids will get the message.

Issue 5, "Out of Africa," Coming on Friday, June 26!