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IT Tallaght Computing graduates know that being a software developer isn't just boring

number crunching; a software developer is a problem solver, interface designer, coding

expert and analyst all rolled into one. If you'd like to join them for a challenging and

rewarding career in an exploding job market, come talk to us at

B. Sc. Honours in Computing - TA322

B. Sc. Honours in IT Management - TA323

B. Sc. in Computing - TA312

B. Sc. in IT Management - TA313

What that means...

Games Development

How are games for XBox 360 made? How can the same game run on a mobile phone and a

gaming PC? How can you make games for new controllers like the Kinect, Leap & Move? Can

a computer game be educational? At IT Tallaght, you'll learn how to write multi-platform

graphics code and much more.

Interactive Media Design

How does data (like census returns) turn into infographics on TV and in newspapers?

Software developers acquire, parse, filter, mine and visualise the data. The demand for

this skill is huge yet the role is so new that there isn't even an official name for it yet. At IT

Tallaght we teach the latest ways to develop interactive media applications for web and

mobile platforms.


The interactive demo on display today is Kinect2Scratch.

With Kinect2Scratch, anyone can write software and games for the Microsoft Kinect

with Scratch. Win cash prizes by entering the National Scratch Competition at http://

Kinect2Scratch was developed by Stephen Howell, a Computing lecturer with ITT Dublin.

Kinect2Scratch available from

Scratch available from


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