Stephen Richter


Ever looked for a good mid-sized car with low mileage? Nissan has great low mileage and is a good mid-sized car. Nissan is a great car for a family and the car will last a very long time the transmission and the engine are great and Nissan will last for a long time for a family.

Family Safety

Nissan is a good family car and it has top safety pick of the year for one time and it has great air bags to protect the people in the car. Protecting kids in the car,Nissan is a great car for a family. Nissan is a good mid-sized efficient and reliable car to last for a long time for a family and it fits up a family of four with plenty of room in the car for the family I think that any family will be pleased with a Nissan car.

Nissan will last a long time

Also, Nissan will last a long time, Nissan has a great engine and transmission and that is why the Nissan car will last a long time. Nissan has a lot of features in the inside of the car also the interior of the car is very nice also some could have leather seats or just material seats. Also some of the different nissans have like a very powerful engine that are actually a fair price.


Nissan is a good mid-sized,efficient, and has low mileage in the car. Nissan has top safety pick and what I am pretty sure is that any family would like the way the car runs with its great engine and transmission also I think it is a good safety pick for a family with kids. Also the size of the car has a lot of space for any kid to like it because there is plenty of space in the car for everybody specially for a family but I think any family would like this car with low mileage, good transmission, and great and powerful engine in the car.