Welcome to Week Three!

English 1200


In Weeks 1 and 2, you drafted and submitted your rhetorical analysis essay. Also in Week 2, you explored your topics for your final researched essay of the course which you will begin work on in earnest in Week 3.

Sometimes, choosing the topic is the most difficult part. I liken this to creating a menu for Thanksgiving supper. First, the guests are chosen (audience). The purpose is clear because it is Thanksgiving supper. I don't know about you, but it takes my husband and I quite some time to figure out the dishes to cook and bake. Of course there are the old regulars, but each guest seems to come with their own dietary restrictions so my husband and I spend hours sometimes trying to figure out the right menu to make the audience happy, to acknowledge it is fall time, and to keep it interesting for us. But once the menu is set, then it's a matter of buying the ingredients, prepping, and putting the meal together, to finally serving it to hopefully delighted guests.

If you found your topic, then you are in a great place and now need to go "shopping" at the library for your articles. Be sure to call upon our wonderful librarians!


From the textbook The New Century Handbook, read the following chapters:

  • Using the Internet for Research, pp. 199–217.
  • Evaluating Electronic and Print Resources, pp. 218–237.

From the textbook Writing Arguments, read the following chapters:

  • The Logical Structure of Arguments
  • Introduction to the Types of Claims
  • Finding and Evaluating Sources

Also read the online lectures for Week 3, playing close attention to the materials on the annotated bibliography in the lecture area.

Some Helpful Resources

Looking Ahead to Week Three

This is the announcement that I posted during week two that guides you through the annotated bibliography

Week Three To Do List

Due Saturday

By Saturday, post the rough draft of your annotated bibliography in the Discussion Area as an attachment in Microsoft Word.

Due Tuesday

By Tuesday, respond to at least two of your classmates’ annotated bibliographies. You may use the points below to help as you draft your responses:

  • Share what more you would like to know about the sources that your peer has used.
  • Provide suggestions to help your peer to revise in-text citations and references.

By Tuesday, submit your revised annotated bibliography via the W3 Assignment 2 Dropbox.


Let's make it a great week!
Be sure to email or call if you have questions.