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Home and School Connection - October 11, 2019

Student Council Elections

Yesterday students heard from students running for student council. Student council helps students have a voice in their school while practicing leadership skills. All of the students were an excellent choice this year! We would like to present this year's elected positions:

President: Alaina Milon

Vice President: Jameson Martin

Secretary: Mia Gage

Treasurer: Skye Houston

Missions: Izzy Guzzo

Publicity:Sophia Ortega

Social: Lily Doerge

4th Grade Class Representative: Declan Martin and Ramona Nagan

5th Grade Class Representative: Lucy Laux and Jenna Scavelli

Engineering A Prosthetic Arm!

The 8th graders were engineering a cardboard prosthetic arm The students had to use all of the same materials. Their innovative ideas had special tasks to perform. The students had to be able to drop the various objects 2 feet away into a can. Then the engineers had a contest to see which helping hand could pick up the most objects from 2 feet away. The following scientists engineered the Most Productive Helping Hand:

1st Place- Ofasu & Julian

2nd Place-Abby & Jada

3rd Place-Erin & Alexis

Congratulations! Job Well Done!

This weekend's Gospel Reading

This weekend at Mass, we will hear from the Gospel of Luke. It will challenge us to think about the importance of gratitude. We will hear about Jesus heals two lepers, but one says thank you. Click on the picture to read this week's Gospel reading.

Family talk- Why do you think it is important to say thank you and to show appreciation?

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Original Works

The Original Works Fundraiser starts today. Students will have the month of October to complete their artwork. Orders need to be received by November 14th. Look for more information in the coming weeks. Let’s get creative!
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Divine Infant Jesus & Divine Providence Parish Bulletin

Please click here to view the Parish bulletin

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Important Upcoming Dates

October 14 - NO SCHOOL, Columbus Day

October 19 - Virtus Training

November 1 - NO SCHOOL, Teacher in-service

November 1 - All Saints' Day

November 2 - All Souls' Day

November 8 - End of first Trimester

November 12 - Late start

November 15 - Reports Cards sent home

November 25 - Picture retake day

November 26 - 11:30 dismissal

November 26 - Parent Teacher Conferences 12:30PM - 8:00 PM

November 27 - 29 - NO SCHOOL Thanksgiving Break

CLICK HERE for the most up to date school calendar (Calendar subject to change)

Uniform Reminders

The navy walking shorts can be worn until October 15th. Please remember that students are expected to be in uniform, including uniform hoodies and sweaters.

Also, while girls may wear nail polish, it should cover their natural nails and be a short length. Anything excessive is not allowed. Administration reserves the right to decide if it is considered excessive. Students are not permitted to wear make up. Please refer to the school handbook for any uniform questions.

Recognizing DP Staff!

Our staff works so hard to make your child's day positive, educational, and spiritual. I would like to start a form that, when a staff member goes out of their way, we can recognize them. This recognition is called the St. John Baptist de la Salle award. St. John Baptist de La Salle is a Saint that devoted his life to teaching. He trained other people to be teachers. John urged his teachers to treat their students with love and compassion, making time for them and being concerned for their spiritual well-being.

Your recognition can take the form of a private "Good Job" to that staff member or we may post it here in our school newsletter- that is up to you! Anyone at DP can be recognized- teachers, teacher assistants, staff and administration. Thank you for taking the time. This will be available all school year! Click on the form below.

Have a question? Email your child's teacher!

All teachers now have their proper emails- including our new teachers. Thank you for your patience!