From Grain to Cereal

Ava Lewis


YOE! Do you like cereal? I really like it! I no that some cereal is super healthy and some
is super sugary . Here is how cereal made or in other words how it begins have fun reading!


Cereal is made out of grain. Corn and oats are grains. It comes from a farm. The farmers plant the gain. After it is planted and grown the grain is harvested. the farmer harvests

the grains with a combine


At the factory the grains are ground into grits or pieces. The tiny pieces are cooked for about an hour. After cooking the cooked grits are dried and then squeezed between two

rollers. When finished the grits look like cornflakes . The cornflakes are then baked and covered with sugar,flavors,vitamins, and minerals.Finally the cornflakes are ready to be packaged and sent to stores


Then a few clerks stack them shelfs.Your Mom or Dad Grandma,Grandpa, buy it

Fun Facts

Cereal was invented because of religious believes


That is how a bowl of cereal gets to your table.
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