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September 30, 2022

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Principal Update:

Dear Families,

We held our monthly school-wide assembly this morning. The children sang the school song, the birthday song for September's birthdays, and met our school mascot - The OWL! Ask them who the owl was today. As a school, we will be naming the owl.

We also discussed our school-wide expectations in the bathroom and the class. Here are two videos to review with your child(ren). Thank you for your support!

- Bathroom Expectations

- Cafeteria Expectations

On Tuesday, October 4, 2022, SGES will have an announced lockdown drill with the Grafton Police Department. The students will remain in their classrooms during this drill. I will go over the PA system, saying, " This is a lockdown drill. We are practicing just like a fire drill - “lockdown, lockdown, locks, lights, out of sight.” We will go around and unlock doors and tell the students it is over.

The cafeteria wanted me to tell you this Tuesday ( October 4) is french toast, NOT pancakes.


Mrs. Wallace

Important Dates: (Updated weekly)


  • October 10 - No School
  • October 15 - PTO Event - October Fest at South Grafton Elementary School
  • October 17 - PTO Meeting
  • October 26 - Early Release - PD - Dismissal is at 11:55


  • November 3 - Kicking off Literacy Month with a Storybook Character Parade
  • November 7, 2022 - Parent Conferences from 5 pm to 7 pm
  • November 8, 2022 -Parent Conference – No School for Students
  • November 11, 2022 -No School – Veterans Day
  • November 23-25, 2022 -No School – Thanksgiving Break


  • December 8, 2022 - T1 Report Cards

Community Event Flyers Link

What happened in SGES classrooms during September?


Preschool friends have been very busy the past few weeks learning the rules and routines of their new classrooms! They have also enjoyed sharing and learning all about each other! They discussed their family members, including siblings and pets, and all of their favorite things from colors and food, to activities and games! Another focus during the month of September was all about apples! Students engaged in various apple activities, including clay apple modeling with Miss Gina and apple paint stamping and science with Ms. Tanya. Students in Miss Buckley’s class created beautiful apple sun-catchers displayed in the classroom windows. The curriculum this past month focused on the letters Aa and Bb, color identification/matching/sorting, and strategies for listening and attending. The school year and Fall season are off to a great start! Happy Fall, Y’all!


  • We are learning how to use our materials correctly. We are focusing on fine motor skills, we learned a fun pencil grip song and practice cutting daily

  • Letters t,b,f,n,and m

  • Sight word-the, to

  • We started our weekend and September journals

  • We are learning the difference between a letter, a word, and a sentence

  • We are learning new greetings at morning meeting every week

  • We are learning about the changing seasons, we welcomed fall with some fun activities including painting leaves and fun apple projects

  • We have started Daily 5 rotations

  • We are using IPads and new apps including RAZ kids and Lexia

  • We had our first 3 lessons with puppy from Second Steps our social emotional curriculum which focused on learning to listen and focusing attention

  • We loved DOT Day!

  • We practiced a fire drill and did a wonderful job!

  • We shared our Hopes and Dreams with our class

  • We are getting better at independently unpacking and packing our backpacks by ourselves

  • We are making new friends!

  • We started Envisions math Topic 1 and learning all about numbers 0-5

Grade One:

ELA: Our first graders have been building stamina as they participate in 2 components of Daily 5, read to self and read to someone. They have used the 5 finger rule to choose” just right” books to fill book boxes. CAFE strategies introduced so far include using picture clues, using beginning and ending sounds, check for understanding, and blend sounds, stretch and reread. The students are enjoying reading the poems as they are added to their poetry binders.

Fundations: All of the letters (sounds and proper formations) have been reviewed through unit 1. Unit 2 now has the students writing and building cvc words.

Math: Topic 1 of the Envisions math program. The first 5 subsets of this topic focus on knowing that addition means add to and put together, while subtraction means taking from and comparing situations (how many more/fewer). There was also work with math problems with both addends unknown.

Social Studies: Children are working on naming the days of the week and months of the year in order through songs and activities. Some social studies and science lessons are enriched by adding Scholastic News issues.

Science: The first science unit of the school year is underway. The boys and girls are learning about the four seasons and how they are affected by the tilt of the Earth and its rotation around the sun.



We started the year in music by learning the rules and routines in our new music space. Students have done a wonderful job demonstrating respectful and responsible behavior while singing, dancing, and playing instruments. We have learned our school and a special birthday song for community building and a dance from Mexico for Hispanic Heritage month. We have used guided discovery to learn about the drums, tapping sticks and shakers and are off to an awesome start!"


The kindergarten kids are learning how to log in to Clever. They are also learning how to use a mouse. Other skills that they have been introduced to are learning how to refresh a screen and identify open tabs.

The first graders are beginning Keyboarding Without Tears, mouse practice activities and are completing STAR math assessments in the computer lab.


In Physical Education in September, students have been learning the rules and routines of the Gym. They have learned to move safely at different speeds, and they have learned several fun group games that they can play with peers at recess, such as Red Light/Green Light and Duck Duck Goose. They've also learned and practiced using the playground structure and special recess equipment (playground balls, hula hoops)safely and responsibly.



Word: Responsibility

Kid Friendly Definition: Responsibility can mean - something that is your job or duty to take care of.

Used in a Sentence: It is everyone's responsibility to follow the expected behaviors in the cafe and bathrooms.

From the District:

COVID Vaccination Clinic for Elementary Students

GPS is hosting a COVID vaccination clinic for elementary-aged students on Friday, October 14 from 3:30-5:30 PM. This no-cost clinic will take place in the gymnasium at Millbury Street Elementary School. This clinic has a limit of approximately 150 individual appointments. To book an appointment, please utilize the link below.

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