Skipping School

Playing hooky is no longer a crime in Texas


It is now up to the schools to enforce the "stay in school policy" as of September 1st, when skipping school was decided no longer illegal.

This is due to the fact that the many parents and adults pointed out that Texas spent more time and money on keeping kids in school and truancy charges than any other state. They also made comments of how unfair truancy was, especially if the parents didn't have enough money to pay for their child's charges and that child had to sit it out in jail at a young age.

People realized that our state money should be going more towards the kids who are choosing to stay in school and get a proper education than the kids who choose to skip and drop out.

Now, all old truancy charges have been erased, giving those charged a fresh start. Although the new law does cause some worries due to the fact that there may be a lot more dropouts, but other than that I'm sure many kids will appreciate not having to worry more about whether or no they're getting charged with truancy over their education.