The Bells

By Edgar Allen Poe

Christmas Bells

"Hear the sledges with the bells silver bells"
In This Part Of The Story Edgar Is Talking About The Sounds Of The Bells In The Night.

Wedding Bells

"Hear the mellow wedding bells"

In This Part Of The Story He Talks About The Wedding Bells Being Mellow And He Refers To Them As Golden Bells!

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Alarm Bells

"Hear the loud alarum bells"

In This Part Of The Story He Is Referring To Alarm Bells Which He Says Are Brazen Bells With The Audio Of The Story In The Background You Can Hear The Alarm Bells Going Off And The Sound Of Fire.

Death Bells

"Hear the trolling of the bells- Iron bells!"

In This Story He Is Talking About Death Bells In My Opinion I Think He Is Referring To A Funeral But I'm Not 100% Sure. The Tone Of The Story Has Shifted Dramatically

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