Important RCPS Updates

Great Things Going On!

  • After a recent visit, Mr. Craig shared with me that he is impressed by the amount of learning our students are doing. He is not only excited by what they are doing but that our students are excited and eager to be doing it.
  • I overheard 2nd grade students using "Accountable Talk" stems while collaborating on an assignment. So exciting to hear them disagree politely about their ideas and provide evidence to support their claim.
  • A parent told me this week how much he is sorry to be moving out of Rensselaer because his child loves this school and its teachers!
  • Students in 1st grade are using Interactive Notebooks to record their learning and thinking about important comprehension strategies and math problem solving. So neat to see students reference their own thinking while working!

Upcoming Events

Week of February 8-12

Monday, Feb. 8

1:30 pm--Life Skills Staffing (Norris, Zeilmann, Cawby)

Tuesday, Feb. 9

8:45 am--Second Grade Team Meeting

10:05 am--Kindergarten Team Meeting

10:45 am--1st Grade Team Meeting

Wednesday, Feb. 10

7:10 am--Wednesday PD--Writing Prompt Grading

All Day--Norris Out--available via text and email all day

Thursday, Feb. 11

Class Valentine Parties--don't forget to share pictures with me!

Friday, Feb. 12

No School--enjoy your long weekend! You deserve it!!!

Week of February 15-19

Monday, Feb. 15

No School

Tuesday, Feb. 16

9:00 am--Administrators Meeting (Norris)

Wednesday, Feb. 17

7:10 am--Wednesday PD--Changes to ISTEP+ Math @ Van

Thursday, Feb. 18

Friday, Feb. 19

Nuts & Bolts

"I'm sorry" is very easy for our students to say. At times, it is insincere and doesn't really help to change anything. I have always struggled with having students apologize for their actions. I know it was the right thing to do but often get the half-hearted ones. Until I found the Four Part Apology.

The Four Part Apology follows this format...

"I'm sorry for....

  • specifically state the what you are sorry for

This is wrong because....

  • specifically state why your behavior was wrong
  • kids might need some prompting and guidance here but this is a HUGE STEP in a child being able to take responsibility for the negative consequences of a behavior

In the future, I will....

  • specifically state what will be done differently next time
  • make sure it is a positive statement ("I will keep my hands to myself" instead of "I will not hit")
  • This step helps kids realize that there are better ways to react to situations

Will you forgive me?

  • asking for forgiveness is so much more meaningful that asking that an apology be accepted
  • remember the offended individual does not have to forgive the offender...which can be a valuable lesson all by itself!

I placed a copy of this poster in your mailbox as well as four scenarios you can use to practice. Let me know if you try this out and if it works for you!

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