Local Photographer

Ana Estrella

Good photographers have strong reputations. Since what they do is both personal and image-based, their work is easy to check out. Do your research to find a professional who works in the style you want for a price you can afford. As soon as you know you need to hire someone to document a wedding or other major life event, begin your search for the right pro. Our can be a great resource, in addition to asking friends and family for recommendations. Set up a consultation appointment with those whose work seems to be what you want. Use this initial meeting to find out more about their experience. When looking at the work, take note of the style and variety of images, and how that matches your personal preferences. Pay attention to poses, angles, lighting and other techniques. Make sure to ask about what to expect all along the way and the full spectrum of possible services and products. Be clear about how long the photographer will be on the job and when you'll see proofs or final images. Be sure you know what to expect in terms of end product. Will you receive digital or print proofs from which to choose final images, or will the photographer provide you a large selection of images with you being responsible for any prints?When you are sure of what you want, be sure to get all details in writing, including prices.