Race Problems in America

Luke Johnson

Slavery in America.

Slavery began in the early 1600's and when European merchants started using the Triangular Trade. Slaves were kept on slave ship that would carry them to their new destination to be sold. There was not a lot of rooms on the ships. Slaves would lay side by side with other people. Many slaves often died from disease. The invention of the Cotton gin made it easier to grow more cotton. Since cotton was rapidly growing in the South farmers needed more slaves to pick and clean the cotton.

Slaves were treated horrible back then. Slaves would often work 18 hours a day. They would be whipped if they didn't pick enough cotton in a days work. Sometimes owners would whip their slaves for entertainment. If a slaves was caught trying to escape they would be whipped. Slaves were not allowed to learn how to read or write because they're owners were afraid that they would try to write letters to escape. Slaves were not allowed to attend church or even pray. Family's were sold away from each other. Slaves were allowed to have children but they feared them being sold away from them. Common jobs for slaves were picking cotton and farming.

The Civil War lasted for 4 years. The South was fighting to end slavery while North was trying to end it but preserve the union. Lincoln was against slavery. In 1862 he issued he Emancipation Proclamation that freed all slaves in states that were rebellion. After issuing the main focus of the war was to free slavery. When the war first started its original purpose was to preserve the union. Slavery was officially ended in 1865 when the 13th amendment was ratified making slavery illegal in the United States.

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Improving Race Relations

Race Relations in America

Racial tensions still exist in America today. Some say that there is racism in school and when applying for jobs. The employer might not hire the person if he or she is racist. There has been problems with police and black people. There has been shooting where a black unarmed man is killed. Or there is racism in school. There are little kids thinking that black people are bad. Some little kids think that if they don't have the same skin as them, they are bad. There are also other stereo types for other races such as Asians, blacks, Mexicans.

The one idea that I have to improve race relations in America is to make a class in school one day a week. The class will be for kids in 1st grade through 3rd grade. The kids will attend the class one day a week for 45 minutes. The class will include how to get eliminate racism and try to improve race relations. The student will be taught at early age not to judge anyone for their type of skin. The class will also teach them not to follow stereo types. The class will be required for every elementary school.

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