The Giver

By Travis Lehnen


"The Giver" is about a guy named Jonas who lives in a utopian society. There is no color, jobs are assigned to you (there's no choice in what you do), and everybody takes a pill in the morning. People in this society needs to take this pill to stop they're "stirrings" (kind of like hormones). Everybody must follow the guidelines of the society, except, for the giver. The giver is the person who knows about everything. He knows how it used to be without all these rules. So when jonus was assigned a job, he was assigned the job of The Giver. Jonas learned everything that the giver knows. Jonas learns about color, and he stops taking the pill he had to take. Jonas learns about how it was before he had to live in that utopian society and he ends up running away.

Don't live your life with a strict set of rules, you should always be open to try new things.

Jonas- The main character. 11 years old. Assigned to the job of the giver.

Jonas' mother and father- Parents of Jonas and Jonas' sister, Lily.

Lily- Jonas' sister. 7 years old.

The Giver- The wises person in the entire society. the giver knows things that aren't available to know to the people.

Asher- Jonas' best friend.

Fiona- Jonas' friend. Jonas likes her.

Gabriel- A baby that jonas' father brings home from his work and his family takes care for it. Jonas beings Gabriel along with him when he runs away.


Wake Up


In this song NF says that even if you have a lot of money or if you're poor there's still something missing. In "The Giver" Jonas has a good life, but there's still something missing. That something is color, feelings, freedom. That's why Jonas runs away, to find all that stuff, and to break out of the chains he was in.