Formative Assessment Buffet

Eanes ISD Austin, Texas

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Jerri LaMirand

Director of STEM

Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics

About our District:

  • Approximately 8000 students in Eanes ISD
  • LEAP (Learning and Engaging through Access and Personalization) Initiative
  • 1:1 iPads

Essential Questions

1. How can educators use technology to make student thinking visible?
2. How can educators use technology to adapt instruction to the needs of their students?

3. How can educators encourage high levels of cognitive response in classroom activities and projects?

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Formative assessment involves using classroom-based assessments to collect feedback that can be used to improve teaching and learning. It is an essential part of teaching and learning.
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NCTM Position

Through formative assessment,
1. students develop a clear understanding of learning targets and receive feedback that helps them to improve.
2. By applying formative strategies, teachers receive evidence of students' reasoning and misconceptions to use in adjusting instruction.
3. By receiving formative feedback, students learn how to assess themselves and how to improve their own learning.

Formative Assessment VS Summative Assessment

Assessments FOR Learning

Process of seeking and interpreting evidence for use by learners and their teachers to decide where the learners are in their learning, where they need to go and how best to get there.

The Teacher's classroom assessment role must play out in five parts:

1. Become competent masters themselves of each of the standards their students are to master
2. Understand how those standards transform into the curriculum that forms the scaffolding students will climb on their journey up to each standard
3. Transform classroom level achievement targets into student-friendly versions
4. Transform the classroom targets into high-quality classroom assessments capable of accurately reflecting student achievement
5. Use those assessments over time in collaboration with their students to help motivate them to keep learning

Rick Stiggins
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What does formative assessment look like BEFORE technology?


Learning and Engaging through Access and Personalization

How does technology relate to our district's strategic plan and vision?

"A technology-rich educational environment that enhances individual learning"
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What does formative assessment look like WITH technology?