Torch Conference Information 2014

APC Youth Group

Details and Information

Apostolic Torch Conference is intended to inspire young people to illuminate a new dimension in their ministry and relationship with God.


Jimmy Toney- Pastor in Lexington, KY

Mark Brown- Pastor in Watertown, SD

David Brown- Pastor in Quad Cities, IL

Vesta Mangun- Pentecostals of Alexandria, LA


Women in the Ministry – Rev. Angela Harwood

Your Personality in Ministry – Rev. Sidney Poe

Important Ministry Decision: A Spouse – Rev. Jeff Marchand

What I Have Learned in 50 Years of Ministry – Rev. James Merrick

Music Ministry – Bro. Nathan Bushnell

Young Adults Without Parents in Church – Rev. Tim Vik

Youth Workers – Rev. Phil Frankford


Why Young People Plant Churches – Rev. Mark Brown

10 Things That Will Make or Break Youth Ministry – Rev. Preston Vaughn

Altar Work – Rev. Tim Vik

How to Start a Ministry– Rev. Gregg Joki

Gospels Acts and Epistles – Rev. Phil Frankford

Simple Outreach – Rev. Mike Hopkins


If you are riding in the van please plan to meet at the church at 10:00AM on Thursday April 10th.

We will return in the afternoon on Saturday April 12th.

Thursday, April 10th

3:00-7:00PM Check In (ABI office)

7:30PM Church (Jimmy Toney)

After Service Activity (details to come)

Friday, April 11th

9:30-10:20AM Breakout Sessions

10:30-11:20AM Breakout Sessions

11:45AM Church (Vesta Mangun)

Afernoon activities (details to come)

7:00PM Prayer

7:30PM Church (Mark Brown)

After Service Activity (details to come)

Saturday, April 12th

9:00AM Breakout Sessions

10:30AM Church (David Brown)

What to bring?

-Casual clothing at least two outfits

-Dress clothing for church 2-3 outfits

-Shoes, socks and undergarments

-Bedding Items: Sleeping bag and pillow or sheets, blanket and pillow (we will be sleeping in the dorm beds)

-Toiletries such as shampoo, conditioner, soap, deodorant, body spray, perfume, hairbrush, toothbrush and any hair accessories.

-Snacks for the room if you wish (do not bring energy drinks)

-Do no bring video games or gaming systems.

Any Questions?

Contact Christina Cortez

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