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Were Stronger Together 10/12/15

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Week at a Glance

October 12-16

National School Lunch Week


  • Todd at FHES Today
  • Lock Down Simulation
  • TIPS (New Teachers)


  • 1st and 5th Parent Night


  • Cardinal Unity Day
  • Nickels For Neighbors Day (GCS adopting a SC school district)


  • Early Dismissal
    High School Parent Conferences
    Elementary and Middle School Professional Learning


  • Optional Teacher Workday

Professional Development Oct 15


  • District PD
  • Google Classroom 1-3pm
  • PLC Groups (Report the location you will use to Mrs. Setzer)

Bulletin Board Rescue

Hey Teachers

Please don't forget to use the hallway board outside of the Cafe' to highlight one of your students. Mrs. Setzer has spoken to you about this in PLC. Please have someone from you class posted by Wednesday.

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AR Board for grades 2-5

Teachers by now each class should have built the momentum to read AR books. The schools expectation is two test per week- one non-fiction and one fiction. They however can do even more as a personal goal.

Make sure you talk about this with students and recognize your students that get their names added on the right side. This is friendly competition and our most beneficial way to build reading interest and practices with our students.

EACH CLASS in grades 2-5 should be meeting the goals N/S is not acceptable. Ask your peers for tips.

  • Classroom AR Data Tracking Chart
  • Class Treats
  • Celebrations
  • Book Talk at Morning Meeting
  • Book Trailers

Nickels 4 Neighbors

A fundraising campaign called “Nickels 4 Neighbors” will be conducted on Wednesday, October 14 at all schools. The central office departments also will participate.

We are asking students, employees, parents, and others to make a contribution of any monetary denomination – it does not have to be just nickels – on Wednesday, October 14. The goal is to have each school to collect $200.00 – the equivalent of 4,000 nickels.

As you know, our “Carolina neighbors to the south” living in areas from Columbia to Charleston and Myrtle Beach and all points in between have been affected by the devastating flood. What is even more startling – had the storm system been 100 or so miles to the north, our neighborhoods here in Gaston County would have been under water.

We have reached out to the S.C. School Boards Association to help us identify which school district could use our help. We are waiting to confirm which district will be “adopted” by Gaston County Schools. From what we understand, some schools have water damage, but the most pressing need is to help the children who attend the schools. Many of the children and their families have lost everything, including the essential items they need for school.

Collecting monetary donations is better than supplies – it is easier for our “adopted” school district to handle receiving a check rather than truckloads of supplies that would need to be stored and distributed.

It will take a team effort to make this project a success, but we are confident that Gaston County

Schools will show the true spirit of caring and giving as we try to help our neighbors in need – especially the schoolchildren of South Carolina.

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Do Not Use Keys at our Front Door


We have begged and pleaded with you to keep all doors locked. Just as recent as last week I walked right into a classroom without my keys or someone opening the door for me. This is not a suggestion but a mandate! You must keep your exterior doors locked. This includes the front door to our school. Day after day we ask if you use your key to please check and see if indeed you have returned the chamber to the locked position and you have been UNSUCCESSFUL! Thus, you will no longer be allowed to use your key in the front door lock.

Please ring the bell and wait for someone to let you in. If you cannot get someone to let you in then walk to the back of the office and enter or the lower media area. Those two doors lock back automatically and do not pose a danger to allowing others to enter without a key. I value the safety of you, your students and our office staff.

This topic is not open for negotiations as we are also under the district safety policy and this appears to be the only way to stop this lingering problem so that Forest Heights in in compliance.

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Stay motivated; we can do this!

We're Stronger Together!

Know your Purpose (EVERYDAY)

My purpose is to use my leadership to inspire a culture of learning and excellence that guides my school and community to educational success, while having happy, healthy and safe stakeholders.