Budget Report

Ridwana Ridee

Apartment & Car

While I was looking for an apartment, it was quite difficult to find the right one for my family and I. I could afford a monthly payment of $1,039.00. There were many options that were well below my budget, but I couldn't seem to make up my mind. After a long period of hunting around, I finally found the perfect place. It was beautiful, spacious, and most importantly, it was affordable! I got a great deal for a two bedroom apartment for $727.00 a month. It would perfectly fit my family of four and wasn't too costly either.

I had a somewhat specific taste for cars. I didn't want a huge van, nor did I want anything too lavish. I wanted a car that could fit my family, but still look aesthetically pleasing. I could afford a car with a maximum monthly payment of $277.06. I had found a couple that I liked, but the black 2014 Honda Civic Coupe EX caught my eye. It had helpful features like a back up camera, it looked sleek and stylish, and was reasonably priced. I bought it for a monthly payment of only $237.00.

Paying Bills

Paying bills for utilities like water, gas, power, cable, and internet wasn't too difficult to afford considering my monthly salary , although it can be expensive. I pay $533.00 every month for basic utilities, but since I also earn $4,416.66 every month as well I'll have plenty to compensate for it. For one thing, utilities are the least of my worries. When emergencies pop up like the washing machine breaking, having to take our pet to the vet, or having to repair the toilet, I usually don't have to worry about not having enough money. I shouldn't forget to mention that my spouse also deposits some money to our bank account, so we can afford to live rather comfortably.


Raising a family can be tough and not to mention somewhat expensive, especially when it comes to groceries. I had a set budget of $150 for groceries, with tax included. It was quite difficult trying to spend less, especially when I had so many items that I needed to buy. Things like diapers and baby formula were especially difficult to find for a fair price. Since those were the two most costly items on my list, I had to hunt for the cheapest deals I could find for other items like produce and toiletries. It was a little bit of a stressful experience because I didn't want to go over my budget when shopping, keeping in mind that I also had to calculate the total with 7% tax. Although it was challenging, I scavenged out great deals and came $11.93 under my budget spending a grand total of $138.07 on all my grocery needs. It felt very rewarding to know that I covered all my needs and still had enough left over for my wants.