By: Mark Bruxvoort

Stave 1

Scrooge- Grumpy mean old man

The Nephew- Happy and cheerful

Marley's Ghost- Dead and warns scrooge

Bob Cratchet- Works for Scrooge

Ghost Of Christmas Past

He took him to places he had been in the past around Christmas. He took him to these places to show him how he became a bitter old man.

The ghost wore a white robe, very muscular, A bright light on his head and he carried a candle extinguisher.

Ghost of Christmas Present

The ghost of christmas present and he was dressed in a big robe, and he was sitting of a stack of food. The Ghost of Christmas Present first takes Scrooge to a busy city on Christmas morning. People everywhere are cheerful and jolly. The ghost then takes Scrooge to the Cratchit’s residence. Bob comes in the house carrying Tiny Tim, who is crippled. The family is grateful for their Christmas dinner. They travel to Fred’s party. Everyone is having fun playing games, and at one point, insult Scrooge. Eventually, the ghosts reveals the children Ignorance and Want under his robe.

I Think that the ghost took him to these places because he was showing him how people had it much worst then him and yett hey were still so happy to just spend time with each other.

Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come

The last ghost kind of looked the the grim reaper. He took him to the three guys and they were making jokes about Scrooges death and were making it look like they didn't care that he died. Then he shows all of his belongings being stolen and soled by the people that were working for him. Then he shows him the Cratchet Family and they were morning the death of Tiny Tim. I think the reason that the ghost showed him these thing were to show him that he left a bad impression on people, and if he didn't shape up nobody would care when he dies.

Final Stave

He finally realized that people didn't think very highly of him and he changed his ways. He Gave Bob and holiday raise and he was just a happier guy. And the moral of the story was even tho you make a bad impression on people dose not mean you have to be like that the rest of your life. You can change your ways and make them change their minds about you.