Week 10: Love you too


This just in: Commish Fave Manginas surging for playoff push

Psych. I barely know what fantasy football is anymore. Not that I'm not trying. But some teams just need a hug. Around the neck. With a rope. The Commish Fave Manginas are one such team. To everyone who I've beaten so far - shame on you. My team is worse than Brown's bachelor party is gonna be next year, and I only have myself to blame. See below for some hawt trade updates.

Kyle let's start our own league with just us in it ;D

Week 10 Matchups

Gone but not forgotten (Sandusky 145, Manginas 75):

Zack you didn't even double up on me you wiener child.

I didn't care to go back and see if this is the lowest score of the season so far, or the lowest score of any Late Night league, or in the history of fantasy football. Because it's probably all three. But don't count me out yet, because I'm counting on some stat corrections that I think can still pull me through for the upset.

The trade deadline is Friday, and you can bet your sweet ass the Manginas are getting blown up. Everybody must go! Seriously, make me an offer, no one is safe. I'm talking pennies on the dollar. Richardson for a TE2. Newton for a WR4. Eli for free. Challah at me.

You know what the funniest part is? When I logged in on Tuesday I got the Toyota "Let's Go Places" award for "any team with a 100-yard receiver and 100-yard rusher in the same week. By racking up all those yards, you've proved you're going places, baby." Totes.

Jess cries to get out of ticket, Spencer responds with Rodney King treatment (Vick 158, Hubris 114):

The Hubris has been flying high as of late, and even claims that she's doing her own grunt work week to week. Chyea..RIGHT JESS. That's about as believable as Mike making a quinoa and tofu salad with a side of fruit.

Well guess.what. Spencer brought the night stick to your Vag party and wrote some tickets for felonious flex usage. Manning - Peterson - Green is all Spencer knows, and Jess is the latest victim. Krapernick was even worse than Eli this week, and that's pretty fucking bad. Pierre Thomas was the shining star for the Hubris, but other than that I can't say it was Jess's best week. Be better?

Quesomon I choose you (Tatas 117, Chin 110):

Oh, that's where Austin went. THIS IS WHAT HAPPENS WHEN YOU IGNORE YOUR FANTASY HOCKEY TEAM AUSTIN. The fantasy gods have clearly smited you, placing you in the same category as me for drafting Eli, and Dan for inviting Pete to a social event where adults are present.

Greg enjoys a MNF cumback at the hands of Miama's super awesome offense. Austin racked up a whopping 7 points across three players versus Greg's 8 point Miama defense....and Greg wins. SUCK IT AUSTIN WOOOOOOOO

Ps Greg had a -2 QB too hahaha

Kyle let's hold hands and sing (Schme's 125, Brothers 94):

I would have really loved to see a Mangina - Eskimo Brothers matchup this week. That would have given me many lust moments. Instead Shane had the privilege of playing Tier 2's other cellar dweller Kyle. Ouchies, looks like Kyle sat Tavon Austin's 39 pointer, and Colston's 16 pointer in place of the 2-4-4 from Fitz-Stevie Johnson-James Jones. Kyle I really can't believe you're still playing Fitzgerald. Trade him to me. Let's do this.

WOOOO I called the upset wassssuupppp (Juggernaut 110, Hate 107):

Steve dug real deep into his inner racist to put the hate all over Omar (I knew you had it in you). Romo slowed down this week much to my Schaudenfreudian delight, and VD went down with a big time concussion injury. That really sucks for the 9ers, and it makes me sad in pants.

Steve was led by Demaryius Thomas' 28 points, and a consistent 30 from the Luck-Cutler tandem. Blah blah blah why is the last matchup always the most boring?

Week 11 Predictions

Vaginal Manginas: Ugh shut up Jess Hubris 128, Early 100

Juggerduskied: Steve really only had one upset in him Jerry 140, Juggs 125

Kibbles and Tatas: This could be a close one, but I think the edge goes to Spencer Vick 134, Queso 126

Eskimo Pokemon: Upset Alert: Brothers 124, Chin 120

Hate Utes: The decline of the Hate Empire may be among us Schme's 128, Don't 118

Don't call me