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August 2021

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NEWS FLASH :Keewaydin Lake Association Forming

To help protect the lake we love and its creatures and lifestyle local residents have decided to form the Keewaydin Lake Association. You do not have to be a landowner on the lake to be a part of this group. The lake is enjoyed by many in the area and we want to have their voices in this organization. If you have interest please contact Adam Helm at and send him your name and contact information.
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Fuzlee alive and thriving August 5, 2021

Loon Watch: Diving lessons.

Sam Guarnaccia describes Loon Diving Lesson

From Loon Ranger Lee (Lee Attix)

^This is an astute observation by Sam. Both male and female participate in chick rearing, and teaching diving and successful capturing of prey is obviously a key skill for survival. Since male and female look alike, it could have been either parent. Males are larger than females, and males are the only one who make the yodel call.
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Audubon Loon Signs

In the interest of preserving and promoting loon life on Keewaydin. The Loon Rangers will be posting these loon signs at the dam. Loon abuse is a serious offense. Report incidents to the Maine Loon Project at 207-287-8000.

Join the Keewaydin Loon Rangers

If you are interested in joining the Loon Rangers of Keewaydin text Barry at 802-345-9193. We will be announcing our first meeting soon.
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High Five from New Baby on Turtle Island

Announcing the birth of Brooke Elizabeth Curtis Holden on July 20th (9 lbs 2 ounces of joy). Congratulations Carrie and Jeremy and new grand parents Trish and Moose, and new Aunt Katie. Also, a shout out to big brother Baxter (canine). We are all so happy for you and your new addition.
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Great Blue Heron takes a break on Lake Keewaydin

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Bard Owl Imitation

Bird Call Videos

Karen Eger, visitor from South Berwick, does her bard owl bird call imitation. Send us a video of your bird call.
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August 8, Loon Shots by Mary Ann Johnson