Blue Whale

Zack Duck


How wood you feel if you were swimming in the ocean getting chased by a creature that weighs 120 tons, is over 100ft long and makes a sonic loud nois? The answer is a blue whale. Did you know that the blue whale’s heart is the size of a car. It’s really that large! The diet of a blue whale is very simple, only consisting of krill and it moves by its strong tail.


It is a really interesting that only eats krill and moves its tail up and down to move. The blue whale is a very large underwater animal! Says Dr. Peter Stevick
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Go Fish!

In the “go fish’’ activity I spent $165.58 on my aquarium. I bought

a 20 gallon tank, fish and accessories. I liked the “go fish’’ activity because it allowed me to budget for and design my own fish tank.