Falcon Pride

Albert S. Johnston, ES

Happy New Year!!!

Welcome back to what promises to be a an exciting and busy year for Johnston students and staff. The second part of the year is always fast and hectic. However, we must keep quality instruction and student achievement at the forefront. Students learn in environments where they are challenged and actively engaged. The focus for the new year will be on what students are doing. Make sure that students are doing most of the work in your classrooms. Of course this is after students have clear knowledge of what is expected of them. If we continue in the path we are on, our students will be reading on grade level. Please make sure that you are doing your part daily.

For the upcoming year, expectations of implementation of tight systems will be increased. As professionals, educators are held to a higher moral code. At Johnston, we will adhere to the Educators' Code of Ethics, Dallas ISD policies, Johnston Policies, as well as Teacher Excellence Initiative. It is your responsibility to ensure the educational success of every student who walks through our doors each day. Each of you have what it takes to give students the best start in life.

Thank you for everything you do each day for kids.

Michele Martin, Ed. D.

Science Fusion

Wednesday, Jan. 6th, 3:15pm

Library 2020 Mouser Dallas, TX 75203

All teachers who teach Science. 2nd of 3 sessions

Weekly Events

January 5- Goal Setting Conferences (times scheduled)
January 6- MOY Istation begins
-----Fourth six weeks begin
-----Science Fusion 3:15
January 8- Committee Leaders Meeting @ 7:30a
January 11- DRA training 3:20 (K-2 teachers and TA's)
-----3-5 RTI/SST/tutoring meeting (bi- monthly)
January 12- K-2 RTI/SST meeting
January 15- Student Goals due (grades 3-5)
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