Trillion Dollar Footprint

Explore How a Digital Footprint Influences Your Life

What We Are Doing

Today in class we will be discussing our Digital Footprint and its role in our lives as well as the lives of others.
We will be doing a group activity and everyone will be turning in a Google Doc at the end of the activity.

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Handout with Trillion Dollar Footprint Profiles

Use this link below to access handouts about the assignment and handouts that show the profiles of the potential show hosts.

Activity Handouts

Group Activity

For this activity, you will be breaking into groups of 2-3 in class.

Today you're all producers for "Trillion Dollar Footprint," a popular TV show that tours the country looking for teens to compete in a nationwide talent show. You're looking for a new host for the show. Based on personal statements from several applicants, you have narrowed the candidates to two: Linda and Jason.

The executive producer has hired a private investigator to dig up whatever he or she can about candidates online. The PI has created a profile of both of the final candidates with the most important online documents he could find. He has passed along these profiles to you.
Based on these profiles, the executive producer wants you to choose which candidate should hose the show. You should be very careful how you choose.

Your candidate will be seen by millions of teens, so you should make sure that she or he in particular:
  1. works well with others, and
  2. is honest.

Attached you will find documents with information about each candidate. Look over it and discuss the information with your team.
ONE team member will need to MAKE A COPY of the Google Doc linked below, complete the form and SHARE the document with all team members, then each team member will submit a link to their copy of the document in this assignment.

One Person Make a Copy of this Document, then SHARE it with Everyone in your Group & Mrs. C

How to Turn In Your Assignment

To electronically turn in your assignment: IN CANVAS in the TRILLION DOLLAR FOOTPRINT ASSIGNMENT
1. Comment on who your group members were, and which person you selected to host the TV series
2. Share a link to your copy of the group Feedback Form you all completed in class.

Due Date

This assignment should be turned in the Canvas Turn In Box by

WEDNESDAY, February 22, 2017