Think Spring!

You're off to great places! Today is your day! Your mountian is waiting so get on your way! Dr. Seuss

This week has been a very eventful week! We have been able to enjoy some outdoor time. The warmer weather is much needed, because the kids love being outside running around. The kids have worked really hard writing the letter Y, and coming up with some really good Y words. They are continuing to learn sight words, and are doing great with reading their decodable books. All of the kids have done well with letter ordering to make words. We played a new game called "What's in the bag?". The children can only use only their hands to describe the object to each other and try to figure out what it is. The kids also really enjoyed our "Yummy or Yucky" experiment with yellow foods! We have all had tons of fun with the Special Olympic activities, like movie day, the parade & the Special Olympic games we played on Friday.

Z Week

Phonemic Awareness & Phonics

-breaking words into syllables

-forming words with letters

-comparing lengths of words

-illustrating a picture and writing a sentence


-create repeating patterns using different objects

-identify and describe attributes of objects

-counting objects to solve simple problems

-use objects to model adding and subtraction problems



-Easel Art

Spring Wreath

Special Olympic Week!


-Show and Tell next week: The kids can pick out their favorite letter of the alphabet and bring something in that starts with that letter!

-Thank you for all your time and donations for the Special Olympics!

-St. Patrick's Day on Monday. Wear your GREEN :)