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September 15, 2014


Monday, Sept. 15th-9:30-11:00-Dr. Hackett will be conducting walk throughs

Tuesday, Sept. 16th-PLTs-K,1, 2

Thursday, Sept. 18th-Tech Time Thursday with Tiffany (navigating AimsWeb and Data Director) @ 8:15 in the Media Center

fire drill-unannounced time

Early Release Thursday-Jeanine Haistings

Friday, Sept. 19th-PLTs-grades 3, 4, 5

Friday Fun Treats in lounge @ 8:15

Bus safety program-grades K-3 in the gym @ 9:45

grades 4 & 5 in the cafe @ 9:45

Cultural Arts Night

Tuesday, Sept. 23rd- PLTs-K,1,2

8:15 Climate Meeting-Media Center

6pm-Watch Dog Dads Pizza and Information Night

Wednesday, Sept. 24- 1:00-on Kathy out (principal meetings)

Thursday, Sept. 25-Picture Day

Kathy & Tarah will be out in the am-return 9:30ish

Early Release Thursday-Data Protocol

Friday, Sept. 26th-PLTs-3, 4, 5

Tuesday, Sept. 30th- BLT @ 8:15


Tornado Drill


Our attendance year to date is 91.9%. Remember our goals is 90% for 90% of the time.


A few words from Dr. Friesen.

The Tier 2 PBS Team is ready to begin assisting you!
Because it’s a new year and we have new staff members, I thought I should refresh your memory on Tier 2 procedures. Here’s some important things to know:
  • Problem behaviors need to have been documented with think sheets and yellow office referrals.
  • Teachers need to notify Debbie Lane if they wish to meet with the Tier 2 team.
  • Teachers need to have tried several other interventions and have documentation showing their effectiveness.
  • Teachers must complete the “Nomination Form” in its entirety BEFORE coming to the meeting. The form must be to Debbie a week before the meeting date.
The team also regularly examines SWIS data to be able to offer support and resources to the teachers of children with a high number of behavior incidents (yellow sheets).

The Safety survey is now open until September 19th. Please take this survey before the deadline.
It should only take about ten minutes or less.

Go to
Put in your school ID (Meadowbrook is 205684)
Once you log in, you will see the Safety survey listed
Under Actions, there will be an arrow to click to enter into the survey.

Restroom Procedures
We have been having many issues in the restroom (writing on the walls, paper towels in urinals and toilets, and other things). Please make sure you spend some time reviewing Restroom Procedures with students. If students enter the restrooms and see something out of the ordinary, remind them of the importance of telling an adult. Students are not to bring writing utensils into the restrooms. Please also be aware of how many students you are sending at a time. If you send a table and another classroom teacher has sent a table of students to the restroom, there may be 10+ students at a time. 3-5 please also continue to use your sign in and sign out forms. It is important to have a record of students that have stepped out of the room and the time they were out. K-2 teachers should make mental note of students that have left the room for the restroom.

AIMSweb Updates

Entering data:
For entering this year, we DO have accounts for all elementary students this year. Therefore, anything that you give to ALL students at a particular grade level, should be entered directly into Aimsweb (ex. Letter sounds, MCOMP). CO will then pull the data and enter into data director at the end of the benchmark windows.
For those that fall below target on the F&P will then be given Aimsweb benchmarks-those scores can be entered in as well but at minimum should be used to determine progress monitoring goals for intervention.

As far as the migration, I’m still waiting on word of when this will happen. They are supposed to contact me several days prior to it happening. At that point, I will contact you to have teachers wait to enter any additional data until the migration is complete.

For now any data should be entered into the old 1.0 system until you hear anything further from me.

Technology Updates

The new license has been purchased for Smart Notebook, but we do not have an ETA yet. As soon as they get the information, it will be placed in self service. Updates to come!

If you are having any issues logging in to software, please let Tiffany know as soon as possible!

Information on Tech Time Thursdays will be coming soon. There will be a refresher on navigating AIMSweb and Data Director Thursday, September 18th in the AM.

Instructional Reminders

As a reminder, the computer lab will be closed September 5th - September 19th for 3rd -5th Benchmark Assessments.

Benchmark Assessments
3-5 Math
September 5th - 19th

3-5 ELA
September 29th - October 10th

End of Unit Assessments - Math
3rd September 12th - Unit 1
4th September 12th - Unit 1
2nd September 19th - Unit 1
1st September 26th - Unit 1

AIMSweb Window

F&P Window closes September 19th
I know we are in the trenches with F&P assessing at this time. All student instructional levels must be entered into Data Director by Friday, September 19th. Please refer to the attachment to ensure F&P fidelity. A few reminders:

  • Students should be assessed until they reach their frustration level.
  • In Data director, please record the student’s highest instructional level. (A student may have multiple instructional levels.)
  • All three levels should be found for each student (independent, instructional, and frustration).
  • There is a slight change with what will be recorded on the grade card for F&P. We will be reporting a student's independent level and not their instructional level on the grade card.
Why is it important to find the highest instructional level?
We want our instruction to be most pertinent to the student’s needs. Finding their highest instructional level gives you the full picture of what a student can do. Our ultimate goal is to put more rigorous texts in front of our students. In order to do so we need to know truly what a student is capable of with the littlest amount of guidance needed.

Remember to use your math vocabulary or common language when using Base 10 blocks. (units, rods, flats, cubes)

Reading Logs -
If you are in need of extra reading log copies you can locate them on the shared drive.

Focus Lesson Components

Big image
Reminders - Be aware of the question/answer trap. Remember that this is a time to model and demonstrate thinking about reading. Your teaching point should be directly tied to your Learning Target and linked to what students will independently practice. In math, the components may vary slightly in order but should still be present.

This week's CWT lens will be on the focus lesson. We will provide feedback for your reflection.


A note about agendas:
Please make sure PLT agendas are posted to your shared drive prior to your meeting. If there is anything to add from our end, we will communicate with your team.

Upcoming Agendas

September 16th & 19th - Discuss Number Talk peer observations and reflect
September 23rd & 26th - Interventions
September 30th & Oct. 3rd - Data Protocol

Greg Tang 6 Steps!

The BLT decided that Greg Tang's 6 steps should be our universal method of teaching students how to solve a math word problem. Students will use this method every year!

Below are the steps....

1) Read the whole problem first.
2) Rewrite as a statement.
3) Who or what was the problem about?
4) Draw your model out.
5) Solve equations.
6) Check your work and fill in answers.


Tarah's Schedule
Tarah is here every Monday, Thursday, and Friday. Tarah is also not on the MBE staff email list. If you are sending out a staff wide email, please CC Tarah.

Jenny's Schedule

Jenny will be at MB on...

September 16th, 17th and 18th


Please send your parent communication/newsletters to Janet to post on the website and CC Tarah and Kathy.

Please remind students to not open outside doors to let visitors enter. All visitors must enter through the front doors and sign-in at the main office.

Coaching Cycles

PLTs at Meadowbrook will look a little different this year. We've been researching and learning about how ‘coaches’ help to improve the student achievement levels in schools. As a building we’ve done a lot of great work together around teacher learning but would like to extend the work to a more student-centered approach. As a reminder, please send Jenny your RSVP to participate in an upcoming Coaching Cycle.


Kare would like to give tickets to Brenda Bowman, Saira Sheriff, and Denise Longknecker a ticket for covering recess and Coach Cook for covering her dismissal duty.