Super Learner Reward Chart

User Manual

Brief Introduction

The “Super Learner Reward Chart” is an interactive reward system, based on International Baccalaureate (IB) Learner Profile, which allows you to positively reinforce and develop favorable behaviors and actions of your students, through intrinsic and extrinsic motivators.

The main aim of this reward chart is that you teach each student how to achieve each attribute in the profile, and to collaboratively work on achieving balance in the superhero body.

The chart is designed for children starting from Grade 3.

IB Learner Profile Explained

You can kindly find hereunder explanation and examples for each attribute:

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· I can share my ideas and information with others in many ways (e.g. speaking, body language, actions, gestures, acting, writing, drawing, photographing), and in more than one language, in confident, respectful and creative manner (e.g. I use questions to inquire, probe and clarify to enhance my understanding, I use language to address needs, express feelings and opinions).

I listen attentively to others, and carefully observe the thoughts, words, actions, and feelings of others. (e.g. I listen to everyone until they finish their sentences, and respond in a clear, appropriate manner).

How to use Super Learner Reward Chart?


You can use this reward chart in a class of maximum 20 students, so that you can assign each attribute to two students.

You can find 10 attributes in the design, and each attribute is symbolized using an object or body part of the Super Learner Kid associated with this attribute (e.g. the Caring attribute is symbolized with the Kid’s Heart).

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Self-Assessment Cards:

Each week, you assign each child an attribute that he should learn during the week, and you give him the self-assessment card for this attribute. The child writes his name on the card, and then breaks down the task of learning the attribute into smaller goals and writes them on the card.

Every day, the child rates his performance in accomplishing each goal, by coloring the circle as per below, and gives himself an overall weekly assessment:

· Green: The child accomplishes the goal successfully

· Yellow: The child spent effort and tried to accomplish the goal, but didn’t reach the desired result.

· Red: The child needs to work more on accomplishing the goal.

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A slot is made beside the name of each attribute in the superhero diagram, where the child can put his card in it, when he finishes his self-assessment each day.

The cards are laminated, and erasable markers are used to write on them, so that they could be re-used by different children each week.


Pins: When a child excels in achieving his goals by the end of the week, you award him with the pin printed on it the name of the attribute he learned well, and he wears it for the coming week. The chart comes with two pins for each attribute. You can find the pictures of the pins below:

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Mentoring: The child who excels in learning an attribute, you could award him by making him a mentor for helping other students in learning this attribute.

Class Overall Assessment: If all the students managed to learn all the attributes and achieve balance in the Super Learner Body, you could let them discuss and vote for the reward they want.


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