The Stevens Selection

May 6, 2016

Be Connected to our Classroom!

Rescheduled Music Concert

Ms. Kosak returned to school this week and has been diligently working to reschedule the concert. The new date for our spring concert is Tuesday, May 24th at the Fort Atkinson High School auditorium.

Kutz Dairy Farm Field Trip

Our students had a fun time visiting Kutz Dairy Farm. We we were able to pet many farm animals and learned things about how the farm works. See the pictures below of us on our field trip!

Artist in Residence

This week we have been working with Chesney Snow to create sounds with our voices. We were able to meet with him three times this week to practice our newfound skills! See pictures below of our time with him.

Human Growth and Development

Next week our students will be starting Human Growth and Development. There was a pink slip that came home with your student on Thursday of this week explaining the program and offering helpful hints for discussion with your child. If you do not want your child to participate in this program you need to sign and return the slip by Monday, May 9th.

Forward Exam is Over!

The Forward Exam is officially over for fourth grade! Our students have worked hard and put forth their best effort on this difficult test. We will be having a whole school celebration in the next couple of weeks! Congratulations on all your hard work fourth graders!

This Week...

Everyday Math

This week our students have been learning about the different metric system conversions. We have been focusing on the different between gram (g) and kilograms (kg).

**Ask your student... Would a chair would weigh 50g or 50kg? (50kg)

Important Dates to Remember

May 9th - HGD Refusal Form Due (Only if you do not want your child to participate)

May 24th - Spring Concert