Awesome Amphibians


Amphibians Habitats

Amphibians are all over the place. Some habitats are in; forests,woods,lots,meadows,springs,streams,rivers,lakes,ponds,bogs,marshes,swamps,

and farmland.

Inherited Traits

Amphibians have inherited traits. Some of them are; they live in water and on land, they

are cold blooded, they lay eggs,and amphibians have moist skin.

Life Cycle

Amphibians have a life cycle. Their life cycle is;first its mother gives birth to eggs.second

the eggs hatch and out pops the babies. third they grow in till they are a young adult.

Finally it is an adult and it continues.

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Interacting With Animals

Amphibians interact with other animals. If a prey comes it springs. If it finds a predator

it crawls away or some have poison.