Leading to American revolution

Wes H

Part 1

Boston tea party

It was about a movement in Britain that the community did not like.i do not like this cause it is taking are money.

Boston massacre

I very much did not agree with this.they would just go around and kill people for reason of no reason .and so I fight for this and don't like it at all
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Housing of troops

The house ing of troops was unreal like I would look out the front window and see a war in my front yard and then if the troops need help they would barge in and basiclly take over the house and that is just not rite

Part 2

How we could of prevented it.

We should of never made a big deal in the Boston tea party but we did and it ended badly.

We should made a peace treaty so that it wouldn't have to be so much war

Part 3

American rev