By: Austin Larson

Rules and Referee

The rules of hockey are about using your common sense. For example when someone is skating down the ice another player can't just come up a trip him. Wayne Gretzky said "90 percent of hockey is mental and 10 percent is physical"(Gretzky). As a referee you must be able to be able to keep up with the action of the game. Most hockey referees start out as players then stay refing hockey.
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The setup is an important part of a hockey games just as much as the rules. When you start to set up you must have a large area that is 200 ft by 100ft and you must have a chiller that holds about 1500 galons of coolent . Mario Lemeux said " every day is a good day for hockey"(lemeux). Then once you have the required itema you can start your rink setup. You will first start putting up the boards and then run the coils under the boards.Then comes the teadus procces of putting ice down. You start with a layer of three inches then you you put the white panit down then sparay that with a 32seconds af an inch. Then you put the stripes down and then cover that with the final inch of ice. Then you have a hockey rink.
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Levels of play

There are many different levels of hockey. They start at termites, then go to mites, then squirts, then peewees, then bantams, then migits, then high school, then sub-college, then college, then sub-pro, then finaly professional. They are seperated into 3 different classes. Youth is the termites through bantams, this is the first and easiest this is the learning period where all of the players learn the basics of hockey and get better. Then there is the period that is migit through sub-college. The level migit is not required to be in. Then if you are trying to play hockey for a college you have to play in a sub-college league where recruiters try to find you and if your good enough you might get a chance to play in college hockey. Then there is the final period professonal where once you are done with college hockey and you want to be a pro you have to play in a sub-pro league. Then once you get drafted onto a team you get the chace to in the pros and play there untill you get hurt or you retire. Rodney Dagerfield stated " I went to a fight the other night and a hockey game broke out"(Dagerfield).
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