Raft Building

Team Building

Raft Building

A fantastic way to build cooperation and camaraderie within a group, raft building puts your design skills to the test in a competition to design the best raft.

Have you and your team got what it takes to make a water worthy raft or will you be left in shit creek without a paddle?

It is a fantastic way to get cooperation and banter in your group. It’s fun, it’s competitive and you could end up soaked. With milder weather coming our way, getting outdoors on your stag weekend seems much more appealing than in the darker months of the year. We’d even go so far to say that hitting the water in the next few months could be very entertaining and so here we have one of our most exciting water sports package, raft building.

If you've had enough of island life and feel gutsy enough to try to float to rescue, you'll need a raft. You have to commence walking on the route pointed out to you. This route will eventually lead you to a lake. This is ideal if there are a large group of you so you can split into teams. After a safety briefing, you and your stag party will be given the essential items you need to build your raft, and a little time to plan and put it together before testing it out on the water.

The team has to but the build the raft and should reach the other side of the lake first, with all team members and return to the main-land.

You all are invited to put your design skill to the test in a competition to design the best raft.

Hurry!!!!!!!! Get, set, Go.

Durations: 4 hour to 5 Hours

Requirements: Suitable outdoor area

Team Building Benefits: Raft Building can help enhance communication, encourage team bonding, boost morale within the workplace and inspire and motivate staff.