Headteacher's Update

18th September 2020

Dear Parents/Carers,

This update has been put together to inform you of some important information regarding the school's processes and systems. The video details our new remote learning plan, so please take the time to watch it so you can understand what we plan to do in case of a full or partial closure and when students are isolating.

I hope you find this document useful.

Daniel Leonard


West Hatch Remote Learning Plans September 2020

Other Important Information

Microsoft Teams

As mentioned in my video please open the document below which provides guidance on how to use Microsoft Teams.


As you know in order to keep students as separate as possible at the start of school we have staggered start times. However, there are a number of students in Year 9, 10 and 11 who are arriving late after 08:35. This means they are mingling with our younger students, but it also means they are missing the start of their Period 1 lessons.

Yr.9, 10 and 11 students must be in school and in lessons by 08:35 and 08:50 for Yr.7 and Yr.8. Next week we will start issuing C3 detentions to students who are late to school. As always when significant numbers are late because of the bus this is taken into account.


As noted in an email you were sent this week we are spending significant amounts of money on masks for students, indeed we are going through a pack each day. This will cost the school over £3,500 if it continues for the year, similar to the cost of a set of Maths books.

From Monday any student without a mask will be provided one by the school but will also receive a C3 detention. Please take time over the weekend to ensure your children have masks so that they do not come in to school without one.

Thank you in advance for your support.

If your children receive free school meals...

... and are isolating we would like to support you by providing food packages for your children which you will be able to collect from school. Please contact our catering manager Mrs Smith on lsmith@westhatch.net should you wish to receive these packages.

Parent Voice

I will be holding a Parent Voice meeting later in the Term. If you would like to join our Parent Voice mailing group please email Mrs Chittock on lchittock@westhatch.net. You will then receive information about meetings, which will take place virtually for the time being.

Homework at KS3

As you can see from my video above, expectations on staff during this period of time are increasing with teachers having to produce work for those in school and those at home. As a result we have relaxed our expectations of staff in setting homework for students in KS3 so they have the time available to meet these new requirements. Students will still receive homework but more often it will be preparation for low stakes testing of their subject knowledge in lessons.

Parent Information Evenings

We would usually spend this time of year inviting parents into school to provide them with information about the school and the courses their children will follow. As a result of the restrictions in place, we have instead prepared these meetings virtually and they will be placed on the school website. Year 7 and 12 information will be available early next week with other year groups to follow. Please look out for this infomation via Parentmail.

Lunch Changes

From Monday we will be rotating the students lunch areas. We are doing this every two weeks so that students all get the opportunity to use the open space in the school as well as getting time in the dining room where we can provide slightly different food offers. The following Year groups will be in the designated areas below;

Year 7 - Dining Room/Netball Courts

Year 8 - Snack Shack/BBall Courts

Year 9 - Dining Room/Netball Courts

Year 10 - Quad Pod/Quad Area

Year 11 - Snack Shack/BBall Courts

Guidance on Coronavirus Symptoms for Children and Self-Isolation

And finally...

As I said in my video I have been exceptionally proud of the way our students have returned to school. There will always be a few that get things wrong, they are children and they will make mistakes. However, the vast majority of students have shown maturity and consideration for others, have followed the rules in place and as a result have helped keep themselves and others safe. They have also come back with an excellent attitude to learning and I'm confident their current attitude will result in high levels of progress across the school.

I also want to thank you once again for the support we have received from our parent body which has helped us to reopen safely and get on with our main job of educating the students.