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Notes from Erin

I would like to begin this week with a quote from MLK, Jr. :

Life's most persistent and urgent question is, 'What are you doing for others?

In my two short weeks at HES, I have been so touched by the kindness and compassion you all show for the students, families, and each other! You all take care of each other by sharing resources and time, both personally and professionally. And the love and compassion you have for our students cannot be beat! It is clear that you all "do for others" on a daily basis!


Harris ES has been recognized as a Title I Highest Performing Reward School!!!!!

WOOHOO!!! You guys are AWESOME! Please give yourself and 5 others a high-five today for all of your hard work. We are the ONLY Highest Performing Reward School in GCPS! More celebration to come on this, but I could not wait until our next staff meeting to share this wonderful news! Again, congratulations TEAM HES!


I want to let you all know how much I am enjoying our small group and individual meetings. They are really helping me get to know you and your teams. They have also helped me share with you some of my thoughts around instruction, because you are asking really great questions. Here are a couple of my beliefs around classroom instruction:

* I hold you all accountable for making sure all of your students master the AKS. This knowledge should be supported frequently with data and at a level of rigor that prepares students well for academic success and the next grade.

* You are the professionals, and I trust you to do the job you have been asked to do. I expect that you will incorporate the Quality Plus Teaching Strategies into the instruction in your classroom. I expect that you will follow your schedule but I recognize that there are times "teachable moments" and instructional activities will go a little beyond stated times. Be passionate and excited about the job you get to do.

* Classrooms should be warm, safe and nurturing.

Thank you for the work you do in your classrooms and with students every day! YOU make a difference!

I have had several questions about Writers' Workshop and other components of Math and Readers' Workshop as well as questions around Science and Social Studies. These are areas that will be reviewed and addressed by the Instructional Leadership Team (ILT) in the coming months as we look at school/grade level schedules and professional development needs and get feedback from you. For now, please continue the amazing instruction happening in the classrooms.

Speaking of ILT, the next ILT meeting will be January 26th from 7:30-8:20 AM in the Berry Room. Grade level chairs - please mark your calendars. I will send an agenda prior to the meeting. We will also set the calendar for future meetings of this group during this time.


You may have noticed some changes regarding the safety and security of our campus. The Safety and Security Team will meet on Thursday morning at 7:45 to review plans and feedback received from staff. Training and additional information will be coming soon. I appreciate your quick response to our first fire drill together. Thank you for your support as we focus on keeping all 1000+ of us safe!


As we move into the time period for potential school closings due to inclement weather, we should prepare for the possibility that a 4th or subsequent day of school closure may be declared a Cyber Learning Day, with school and learning continuing that day through our digital resources.

A "Cyber Learning Day Information" course page has been launched in eCLASS C&I and is now available for all teachers and administrators (anyone who currently has access to the C&I Communication Centers, such as the MOCC).

Link to Cyber Learning Day Information course page:


UPCOMING DATES: (Please see calendar below also, and consider the calendar snap shot your weekly vision test. I will work on enlarging that for next week! :) Remember this is an ever evolving newsletter with room for growth! ;))

Wednesday - Duluth Cluster Schools Foundation (7 PM @ DHS)

Thursday - Safety and Security Team

Yearbook Committee

Friday - EH - district meeting all day

I wish you a week full of lollipop moments :)!


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