Paulina, Aidan, Ashton, Crystal

Red Riding "Hoodlum" Shot by Police Officer

In Ferguson MO...

It like was any other night in Ferguson MO, little Miss Red Riding Hood was making her way through the forests of Missouri. Her red hood up and head down she was briskly walking desperately making her way to her grandmother's house. But her expecting grandmother would not be receiving a visit from her granddaughter; Red Riding Hood's grandmother lived in a gated community and was protected by security. Officer Wolf was on duty guarding the community that night and fell into suspicion of Red Riding Hood, asking her to move to the sidewalk tension arose and Red Riding Hood moved her hands in a nervous fashion, Officer Wolf thinking it was a fire arm, brought his gun out and shot Miss Red Riding Hood. Information and more details have yet to be release on the case but a grand jury hearing will be held in May 2015, more to come.
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Golden Discovery

On going project, Golden Discovery, has been trying to lift off the drawing board and we are excited announce the launch of the expedition. Teaming up on their expedition Pinocchio, Aladdin, Snow White have found the castle in the sky. The location still has not been released to the public, but it has been thought to be in South America. Once uncovering the castle, along they found the golden goose and egg. A definite golden success to expedition Golden Discovery.
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